Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poem: Vlad - Thinking of you

Vlad - Thinking of you

I'm pale, dear, just thinking of you
The blood rushes straight to my head.
When I think of you - I see red,
Knowing your temper, what you might do.

The first time I met you, I knew that we two
Were entwined - by each other were fed.
I'm pale, dear, just thinking of you
The blood rushes straight to my head.

When we're alone, dear, we do nothing but coo
But when you are gone, I feel dread,
I fear we will never be wed,
Not live together (nor be quite dead)
I'm pale, dear, just thinking of you.

* Rondel format - Two quatrains and a quintet, rhyming as follows:
ABba abAB abbaA. The capital letters are the refrains, or repeats.

Published for One Shot Wednesday - Week 44.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poem - Nut Case

Nut Case

Out my kitchen window, I gaze
skyward toward you, hanging idly
halfway between Earth and Heaven.

I wonder why you made the choice you did,
forsaking Mother and me, destined
to watch us through the window
outside in?

Perhaps you weren’t satisfied with her,
my quiet intense mother with demands.
Perhaps you sought mindless chatter, but

Why not simply leave us?  Ugly regimens of
pills, degrading operations never
covered by unblinking insurers.  Was freedom
so tempting?

My first day of middle school, proud in my
Tartan Gray uniform,  band concerts, Bye Bye
, conferences, all swept by without you.

Mother never tried to excuse or explain, except
when at Christmas she gave me a BB gun. 
When I asked why,
she shrugged.

So now I gaze at you, no longer here, no longer
human, just another damn squirrel
raiding our bird feeder.  Tears flood
my eyes, my face, my body.  You’ll never

drive me to my senior prom, or walk
me down the aisle.  A girl needs

But then again, you’ll never write about
my boyfriends on your blog, like
Susie’s dad.  I lower the BB gun, open the
back door, and throw out an ear of corn.

Still, I refuse to fill the feeder one more time.

Written for One Shot Wednesday