Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poem: The Unicorn

Some people over at the Library of the Living Dead forum are holding a Fetid Poetry contest.  I thought I'd whip up a quick fetid poem, and this came into my head.  Perhaps I should cut back on the refined sugar...
The Unicorn

The lonely unicorn stood tall upon those sea-swept banks
and watched the rising waters 'till they crested on his flanks.
He'd dallied way too long while Noah called them forth to board
And now he faced a circumstance  that was quite untoward.
Yet though the situation might have seemed completely grim,
the unicorn had secrets which he carried deep within.
His Aunty Mabel's cousin knew a voodoo trick or two,
The time seemed quite auspicious for such measures to pursue.
The waters lapped around his neck; he spoke the ghastly verse.
It mightn't make things better, but could hardly make them worse.
As down beneath the roiling waves, he sank without a sound,
his soul descended far below where it would ne'er be found.
For forty days and forty nights, he galloped 'neath the waves,
Awaiting final vengeance on the ones that Noah saved.
And when the waters slipped away, revealed his undead horn,
he charged the ark and killed the lot, that zombie unicorn.

1 comment:

  1. See, this is what I love about poetry. It can turn around in a FLASH. Poof: unicorn zombie!! LOL. I love it, seriously, I'll be reading your other stuff as well. On the more writerly side, not just the stupidly gushing one, nice flow and imagery, though there can always be more. :)
    Thanks for that! Will be tweeting it.