Thursday, May 26, 2011

Savage Fire Table of Contents

Four days until Savage Fire is released, so I thought I'd list the table of contents:

1) Savage Fire (Victorian undead goodness)
2) Awake in the Age of Lizards (bizarro)
3) An Island Never Cries (bloodthirsty horror)
4) Who's Watching (odd thriller)
5) Double Cross (noir intrigue)
6) Saving Grace (haunted horror)
7) Unsettled Hearts (action Western)
8) Got It? (dark comedy)
9) So Pretty (mythological dark comedy)
10) Missing You (dark)
11) If Not Mistaken (bizarro)
12) The Sea Witch's Daughter (dark fairytale)
13) Blood Feast (beastly horror)
14) Unfinished Business (erotic horror comedy)
15) Last Stop (dark dialogue)
16) Without Remorse (beastly horror)

Yup, sixteen stories in a wide variety of styles.  Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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