Friday, June 3, 2011

Excerpt #6 from Savage Fire

Now that Savage Fire is available and getting snapped up by discerning readers everywhere, I thought I'd post another excerpt. Since I promised a few naughty bits, here's the start of one of those stories.

Start of Unfinished Business, an excerpt from Savage Fire:

     Pamela opened her eyes, but it made no difference. She blinked. Still nothing. Her arm was very stiff, but she lifted it with an effort. It smacked into wood with a dull thud a few inches above her face.

     Damn! She was dead after all. Jacob had startled her horse, she fell, and now here she was in a coffin. It figured.

     The day had started well. Pamela rode her horse, Dusty, to the general store to get sugar and flour for Jenny’s cake. The Wilson’s older son, Robert, was alone tending the store. He had the dreamiest blue eyes, which grew wider when she flipped the sign on the door to Closed and unbuttoned her blouse. Robert said he couldn’t, but what do you know, he could after all. Once past his shyness, he’d been quite enthusiastic.

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