Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update on pricing at $2.99 vs. $0.99

This post is a follow up to my earlier post,  Does your $0.99 book sell six times as many copies?, which generated a good deal of interest. I started at $2.99 for Savage Fire, dropped it to $0.99 for a week and then returned to $2.99.

Thus far, it appears that Savage Fire is selling a little faster at $2.99 than it was at $0.99. It is hard to be very certain of the impact of such a change when you are only selling a couple a day, but even that seems pretty good for a short story collection from a relatively unknown author.

I'd be curious how others are faring with either raising or lowering their prices. I know of one author who raised her price from $0.99 to $2.99. Actually, I encouraged her pretty strongly, so I feel a little responsible. If you go buy her wonderful YA book of witches and intrigue, I Wish... (The Witches of Desire), you will not only help to prove me right, but get a really good book as well.

Another author raised her price from $2.99 to $4.99. I didn't encourage that (or discourage it, or have anything to do with it), but it is a book I would gladly have paid $4.99 for, though I happened to purchase it before the price change. Her book is also YA, but a darker, more intense contemporary (no paranormal or fantasy) called Cage of Bone.

How about you? Have you raised your price, or lowered it, or stuck with what was working? Any feedback would be welcome, and of course you also get a chance to provide a link to your book.


  1. Awww, thanks for the plug. :)

    My sales have been consistent (which is to say around 4 a day), but at $2.99 I'm making around $8 a day vs the $1.50 I was making before. If I'd dropped significantly in sales after the change it'd be one thing, but it's been pretty steady. The experiment continues...

  2. I guess the message I'd take away so far is that these sales are not particularly price sensitive, at least at this level. People weren't buying it because it was $0.99, and are not particularly fazed by it being $2.99.

    Good for you, by the way. At $8 a day, you can even provide celebratory pancakes to the minions on occasion.

  3. I have 3 books on Amazon. Used to be at $5,$5, and $4. Lowered them to $2.99 about a month ago. Sales limp along at pretty much the same rate as before, a few/day. They're not price-sensitive, they're publicity-sensitive, I believe.

  4. John - So why not put them all back to $4.99 and work on the publicity instead of the price? Have you had bloggers and reviewers read/review them?