Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want to star in a published horror story (for free)?

I recently introduced the option to buy a copy of Savage Fire and have it include a personalized dedication to you (or to the name you request). I am intrigued by the idea of customized stories, so I am making an offer to you, my loyal readers.

Pick one of the stories below, each taken from Savage Fire, and tell me which character you would like to be, and what format is easiest for you, Kindle (.mobi), Nook (.epub) or PDF. In stories with multiple characters, you can choose names for any secondary characters listed if you like. Post in the comments (or via Facebook, Twitter DM or email, whatever) the story and name(s), and I'll send you that story with the names altered appropriately. No cost.

If you want to go one step further, order the book from this page (see Buy Now on right), and I'll include the customized story in the full set, as well as dedicating it. Otherwise, if you don't order, you will get a single story.

"Savage Fire": In this tale of Victorian England where the undead walk, Richard Galworthy is the protagonist behind the Alchemy, and the subject of his experiments is Sir Julian Wattford. (Full male names only, one or both of the two characters can be named)

"Awake in the Age of Lizards": Tommy Gwen’cher is the only named character is this short, bizarro piece with religious undertones and large bipedal lizards. (Either male or female, full name)

"An Island Never Cries": In this story of bloodthirsty urges, Kate is the young lady who is bitten, and goes out to wreak havoc on the people in her life, her friends Jasmine and Carla, a football hottie named Sam Taylor, and an innocent man who suffers anyway named Tim Davis. (Female first name for Kate and first name of either of the two girls or full names of the two males)

"Unfinished Business": Pamela is dead, but horny as hell. Her partners in the story are Robert Wilson, Jimmy and Becky (yes, they all get some), and her enemy is Jacob. Would you like to star in this steamy zombie story? (female first name for Pamela and first names for one or more of the other three males or the female)

If anybody has a special favorite among the other twelve stories, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Please let friends know as well, as I'd like to have some fun with this.

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  1. I would love to be Grace/Gracie (Charlotte/Char) in "Saving Grace" and if Pete could be Max that would be awesome. We buy fix and flip houses so this story is very appropriate ;-)