Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Web comic for "Saving Grace" from Savage Fire

I have been tweeting web comics for each story in Savage Fire, my recently published short story collection, to give readers a puzzle to solve. At least I call them web comics. Each is a limerick about the story on top of an image that has some relationship with the story, even if it is that odd uncle who always trails his tie in the soup. If you own a copy of the book (and if you don't, hurry over and buy a copy on Amazon or at Smashwords for $0.99 this week only), you can read the story and figure out what twisted logic I have employed to get to that image and that limericks. (Of course, some may be beyond all understanding, in which case blame the whiskey.)

The sixth story in the Savage Fire book, "Saving Grace", is a more gentle, haunting story, with a liberal dose of sibling rivalry gone wrong.

Click on image to see full size

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