Monday, October 24, 2011

Writing my first romance novel

For a while, I have been intrigued by the idea of writing a romance novel. I've written a few romance short stories, but I am very impressed by those who plot and plan their way to a good romance. Done well, it certainly rivals a mystery for planning, with a much greater demand for emotional intensity and understanding of human dynamic.

That said, I can't just write a contemporary romance. I need to pull in some of my other writing energies, so I am writing a gritty urban fantasy romance... with mermaids.

The working title is Deep Embrace. I am hoping to do this more transparently than some of my other writing, meaning occasional updates here on both progress and challenges.


  1. I admire your courage. I'm not even letting my husband read the rough draft of my WIP until I finish it. I look forward to your updates and progress reports!

  2. Thanks, Charlotte. I haven't decided exactly what I will share and what I won't, maybe everything.

    Be careful never to label something as bravery which may be simple stupidity.

  3. Good luck! Starting a new book is so daunting, but also so exciting!

  4. Romance with mermaids will be something new and interesting to read. Good luck with your book writing, enjoy the task all the way!