Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creating a video serial of Judd Falcoln

Creating a video serial of Judd Falcoln

A few years back, I wrote a four part serial story called Judd Falcoln: Missionary to the Stars. It was published in a science fiction anthology (with the unfortunate title "Probing Uranus" - ugh!). Over the years since, I have played with the idea of writing a novel version, but I like the serial aspect a lot. Recently, I decided to rewrite and expand the story to be a full serial, meaning many more than four parts.

But I don't want to publish this all at once. I want it to be a true serial, so that one part comes out each week, and I want each as an illustrated story video. My dream is to get to the point where I feel comfortable putting up a Patreon page and seeing if I can fund more illustrations, but I think I have an artist lined up for at least a kick butt cover. Below this post is a video story I made a while ago to show both the intended look and give a small sense of the style of writing I will use, something I refer to as comic noir.

My purpose on this blog is to document the process for those curious. If anybody is curious. I'm guessing eventually somebody will be. Click on the Judd Falcoln label to see all posts.

Note: I have a better and better video editing software now, so the eventual videos will be better quality than this.

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