Friday, May 16, 2014

Not looking before leaping

Not looking before leaping - Video editing plus

I've had my first reader read a few lines and mixed it in with my narration and lines from Judd Falcoln. I'm playing with video editing techniques (just imagine the voices coming from faces blended with planets and you'll have the idea), plus a few animation tricks. I hope to have a sample snippet ready soon once I nail down the rights to the space image I am using. I am still working out what exactly I will need from the comics person so she can get started, and my favorite Kat is readying the music for the interludes. This is going to be much more than a simple story video, though I hope I have not gone off the rails.

As I have been writing, I have been keeping the production in mind. One change I am making is more dialogue, because when you read the story on paper (or on screen), the narration is a form of dialogue, but in the video it is more fun with different voices mixing in more. I have a few voice volunteers, but may ask a few others for specific parts. I have somebody in mind for Judd himself, as it is a bit disorienting to have me be bother narrator and Judd. I have a couple of people in mind for Aisha, but probably need specific people for repeated parts such as Terry (the annoying colleague) and a couple of the villains. There are also a number of smaller, more one-time parts.

I am getting nervous that I am in over my head, but that seems like a healthy response at this point. If you look too carefully before you leap, you might have the good sense not to leap.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I may need volunteers for a hybrid production

I may need volunteers

I don't want to rewrite Judd Falcoln as a radio script, but I think I may use different voices for the spoken parts. My plan is that the narrator and Judd will be me, but that other characters may be voiced by people I know (or come to know). None of the parts would be particularly extensive, and I am not sure I will try to be consistent from episode to episode.

To make things more interesting, I am working on some video editing so that different characters will pop up whenever that person is speaking. Not entirely clear on that part, but my inspiration is the video below (and some others like it). Besides, it is an awesome video.

If you might be interested in recording yourself saying a few lines, let me know in the comments or in in of the many ways one can get hold of me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, phone, carrier pigeon, etc.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ye Olde Video Recording Studio and Abe in Space

Ye Olde Video Recording Studio and Abe in Space
I am putting together a mini-recording studio against the blank wall on the other side of my home office. (Tax accountants: take a deep breath, sit down, have a cup of coffee. I have never taken a home office exemption, so I can muddle the boundaries as I see fit.)

I am working on getting a light kit and trying to figure out what to get for a camera, probably a DSLR camera with good video capability since I want the DSLR camera anyway. Two birds, and I only have about a stone to spend anyway. If I had an iPhone or iPad, I might consider using that, but I don't. I have an Android smartphone with video capability, but I am not sure whether it is sufficient.

Anyway, I have miscellaneous art pieces I can use to make a flexible backdrop if I like. I have not even really decided whether to record my face when reading Judd Falcoln, or perhaps to use my head as a floating video addition by recording with a green screen. At the very least, I need to get past my phobia about being on camera and be in the closing credits.

Speaking of Judd Falcoln, I am still a little unsure about changing the name from the original Judd Falcon. I want to do it as both a nod to Abraham Lincoln and to search engine uniqueness, but I am not sure whether people will be confused. Of course, since most will hear it every time I read it, that is probably not an issue. At least there isn't a silent Z in there.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sh-boom - intro music and the woman of the hour

 Sh-boom - intro music and the woman of the hour

First, we have the female lead's name. It is Aisha, meaning Life and Vivaciousness, which fits the character I am writing perfectly. It also happens to be a Muslim name originally. Though that is not critical, it is an advantage. I hope to introduce you all to Aisha shortly, but she won't show up in the serial until the second or third episode.

Though most of my energy is going into writing, I have also been working on the production, and think I have found some introductory music. Let's just say that Amanda Palmer would approve, especially if it were Sid Vicious doing an intro to a story for Nancy.

More on the story development soon, but I knew some of you were on the edge of your seats waiting to hear about the heroine's name.