Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I may need volunteers for a hybrid production

I may need volunteers

I don't want to rewrite Judd Falcoln as a radio script, but I think I may use different voices for the spoken parts. My plan is that the narrator and Judd will be me, but that other characters may be voiced by people I know (or come to know). None of the parts would be particularly extensive, and I am not sure I will try to be consistent from episode to episode.

To make things more interesting, I am working on some video editing so that different characters will pop up whenever that person is speaking. Not entirely clear on that part, but my inspiration is the video below (and some others like it). Besides, it is an awesome video.

If you might be interested in recording yourself saying a few lines, let me know in the comments or in in of the many ways one can get hold of me on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, phone, carrier pigeon, etc.

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