Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ye Olde Video Recording Studio and Abe in Space

Ye Olde Video Recording Studio and Abe in Space
I am putting together a mini-recording studio against the blank wall on the other side of my home office. (Tax accountants: take a deep breath, sit down, have a cup of coffee. I have never taken a home office exemption, so I can muddle the boundaries as I see fit.)

I am working on getting a light kit and trying to figure out what to get for a camera, probably a DSLR camera with good video capability since I want the DSLR camera anyway. Two birds, and I only have about a stone to spend anyway. If I had an iPhone or iPad, I might consider using that, but I don't. I have an Android smartphone with video capability, but I am not sure whether it is sufficient.

Anyway, I have miscellaneous art pieces I can use to make a flexible backdrop if I like. I have not even really decided whether to record my face when reading Judd Falcoln, or perhaps to use my head as a floating video addition by recording with a green screen. At the very least, I need to get past my phobia about being on camera and be in the closing credits.

Speaking of Judd Falcoln, I am still a little unsure about changing the name from the original Judd Falcon. I want to do it as both a nod to Abraham Lincoln and to search engine uniqueness, but I am not sure whether people will be confused. Of course, since most will hear it every time I read it, that is probably not an issue. At least there isn't a silent Z in there.

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