Thursday, July 9, 2015

Crumpled paper bags

For week 4 of my drawing class, we had to draw two paper bags, both somewhat crumpled. Ugh. Very difficult, though it led to good discussions of shading, blending and planes, as well as how to show whether it is crumpled in or out. Not super excited about my drawing, but I guess it can't all be easy or everyone would do it.

I drew my eraser as well to give a sense of scale. Big mistake, as then I didn't have my eraser. Sigh. Also, you may notice some circles showing up. My bad, as I had sketched faces on the preceding page in my notebook. I need to learn to take the pages out first so I don't leave dents which show up in my drawings. So much to learn. 

Also, a fellow student had a blending tool, which I don't. His planes and shading were way better than mine, so I improvised blending with a crumpled paper towel (and promised myself a blending tool before the next class). Our teacher emphasized that blending can be quite different when using different materials, such as cloth vs. paper. I plan to try experiments with that, so expect random shading and blending attempts, at least if they turn out well enough to post.

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