Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Poem 2 - Trolls Smell

As I wait for the #PitchWars mentor blog hop, I'm sharing a poem a day about my MG Fantasy novel, Danger Tastes Dreadful, which stars two 11yo trolls, Bernie & Tish. I wrote the second poem this morning (see below). It shows a way that my trolls are special.

Trolls Smell

You might think it's an insult
  to say that all trolls smell,
But if you said it to one,
  he'd nod and say "quite well".

Aside from all the odors
  wafting from his feet,
aside from stinky underarms
  and ears that simply reek,

All trolls smell things that we don't,
  smells which make no sense
Like trouble (spicy cinnamon)
  or tangy (like suspense)

They taste things that we can't at all
  they have a special knack
The bitter taste of danger
  right before the crack.

So, when I say a troll smells
  Ignore his stinky butt
Admire instead his magic
  and how he smells whats what.

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