Friday, July 22, 2016

Poem 4 - A Giant Feast

As I wait for the #PitchWars submission window, and try with desperation to narrow down my list of potential MG mentors, I'm sharing a poem a day (or so - I'm a busy guy!) about my MG Fantasy novel, Danger Tastes Dreadful, which stars two 11yo trolls, Bernie & Tish. I wrote this fourth poem today. It brings up the stakes for Bernie, basically rescue his parents before they become the main entree at a giant feast. (There is no poetry at all in my MS, more's the pity.) The drawing below is one of the giants, with Bernie beside him for perspective (and noshing on?!?) If you are curious, read my bio.

A Giant Feast

When giants come a'stomping, knocking down trees
Everybody scatters and hides.
What could they be there for, visiting? Please!
They want what is tasty inside.

A feast's in the planning, but they need hors d'oeuvres
Watch out if you're juicy and plump.
A horse might go well with some piglet preserves
Or humans who sport a large rump.

But most prized of all for the gluttonous feast
The entree for everyone's bowls
(though truly to me don't sound good in the least)
The toughest, the chewiest trolls.

Under bridges, in caves, behind waterfalls
the giants will search every inch
Till they find all the trolls, then back to their halls
And serve them with salt (just a pinch).

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